Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Religious Institutions in India Compete in Implementing Renewable Energy Solutions

While I am almost always as suspicious of religious outfits as I am of politicians, here is one of a few instances where I could agree with the religious outfits involved: The Shirdi and Tirupati shrines have both installed solar water heating systems to help with cooking for devotees who go there to worship. I'll go one step further and hope that there is not just more competition in this area, but also that the worshippers at these centers get sufficiently inspired to buy their own solar cookers and use less fossil fuels at home. I can think of hugely popular centers like Ajmer which is popular with Muslim worshippers, Vailankanni and Chalakudi which are popular with Catholics and more in India who could go renewable.

Let's hope this is the beginning of a trend!

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Mehul Kamdar said...

Update: A Sikh Religious Leader has told his followers that caring for the environment is a sacred duty:

I know that several churches in the USA have been preaching this message for some time now. More positive stuff and I like it!