Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sometimes, You Come Across Assholes - It is Good to See Them Fail

There is always an exception to the rule - a cheap shit entrepreneur who believes that he has the sole solution to some issue that deserves to have attention paid to it. This jerk is doomed to flop - my Zero motorcycle costs way less than his contraption, and it will do highway speeds for short hops without difficulty. For longer runs, you can buy a Chevy Bolt for not much more than his glorified bicycle. The idiot also has an attitude that makes it worthwhile rooting for him to fail. It will be good watching this outfit collapse.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Iceland's Ice Wind Uses an Ancient Wind Turbine Design to Power Cellphone Towers

Ice Wind's website is interesting: http://icewind.is/en/ Several countries have struggled to deal with the costs of the diesel that they currently use to power cellphone towers in remote areas. In some cases, solar panels have worked, but they use a lot more land than the Ice Wind turbine design does. This VAWT Savonius design does look like the wind turbine design of the future.