Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sometimes Things Just Happen for the Best

Today's The Hindu has a p[iece about the Iranain government choosing CHina over India to develop an oilfield and about it trimming India's role in another field on which India was already working: Article Link. Very frankly, I can't stop clapping. This is good news, if you ask me! The hundreds of millions that would have gone into developing this oilfield in Iran would have done the following:

1. Sent Indian money and effort to another country to develop its mineral resources

2. Continued to send Indian money to Iran for years and years to pay for the oil that would be produced there. This money could well be invested in India to look at resources there - offshore wind energy or wave energy anyone?

3. India is a poor country. Any diversion of public money through ONGC Videsh investment to Iran would only have reduced the amount of money available in India itself for alternative energy projects

Now, we need to pat ourselves on the back and stop feeling like people who have suffered from a calamity. Indians need to look at harnessing the power of the sun, the wind, and of the waves - these are free to harvest, do not require sending Indian money to other countries and these would provide Indians jobs in India itself. The air would be cleaner too. Let The Hindu whine - that is all that it is capable of. Anyone with half a brain should be celebrating instead!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Malaysian Company Offers Solar Powered Cell Phone Chargers

With the cellphone becoming something that almost everyone uses these days (even poor countries like India add record numbers of new users every day) some power does get consumed in using these. A Malaysian company's solar powered cell phone chargers come recommended by Forbes magazine: I Tech Dynamics There are other manufacturers of similar products, no doubt, but since Forbes recommends these, they should be particularly good.

Would be nice if someone could market these in India in a big way - with power shortages etc, they should sell well if someone is prepared to tackle Indian import formalities and dealing with crooked Indian customs officials.

Solar Water Heating Article in "Solar Today"

This is an excellent article in the ASES Magazine, Solar Today, that I am linking to in the hope that visitors here check out and do something about if they are in a position to: Solar Water Heater Article There are several parts of the USA where this tech and the available subsidies for using it should be very viable and even if it does not fully provide hot water for home use round the year, what heating it provides would be sufficient to save a lot of money.

And, most importantly, in a country where much power is generated by burning coal, it would be one way of showing fossil fuels the fist!