Saturday, October 3, 2009

Solar Water Heating Article in "Solar Today"

This is an excellent article in the ASES Magazine, Solar Today, that I am linking to in the hope that visitors here check out and do something about if they are in a position to: Solar Water Heater Article There are several parts of the USA where this tech and the available subsidies for using it should be very viable and even if it does not fully provide hot water for home use round the year, what heating it provides would be sufficient to save a lot of money.

And, most importantly, in a country where much power is generated by burning coal, it would be one way of showing fossil fuels the fist!


Mohanakrishnan said...

When do you feel like having a hot water bath?If you said "mainly when its cold or raining"join the club.However I have stayed in some hotels in Kerala (India)which have fitted solar water heaters on their rooftop.I get hot water in summer all day without any hassles and cold water during the rainy season when my aging bones crave for a warm bath.As they also face frequent powercuts they have installed a colossal Kirloskar generator which runs on fossil fuel.Its occupies at least twice the space of a conventional EB transformer.

Mehul Kamdar said...

Many of the solar water heaters used in India are decidedly old tech and inefficient compared to the best that is available today. Though supplemental heating using mains electricity or other power would be neccessary in areas that are subject to occasional cold weather, it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of power used from conventional sources if the right kind of solar water heaters are used.