Friday, February 10, 2017

The Hyperloop As a High Speed Transportation System That Avoids Fossil Fuel Use

There are many articles on the internet about the proposed Hyperloop, as Tesla Motors's Chairman Elon Musk calls it. Popular Mechanics mooted the idea in the 1950s, but Musk is to be commended for reviving it, even though he isn't building a Hyperloop train himself. As this blog titles itself "Showing Fossil Fuel the Fist," the angle of reducing fossil fuel use is what makes the Hyperloop most interesting. Unlike aircraft that cannot fly without fossil fuels at today's state of the art, the Hyperloop could easily be powered by nuclear power, or bywind, solar, or other non fossil power. The ability to travel at near aircraft speeds with no fossil fuel being used in larger numbers than are typical for today's airliners, is a most interesting prospect. This blog hopes that the various teams building hyperloop trains will succeed beyond their wildest expectations!

US and UK Firms Join Hands to Work on Small and Modular Nuclear Reactors

It is interesting how US and British firms are now working hard to bring SMRs to the market, with a UK Pounds 250 million grant available from the British government to a company that could demonstrate capabilities in this area. I know from talking to a relative who is a scientist with the Indian Atomic Energy Commission, that Russia and India are working on modifying a nuclear submarine / aircraft carrier engine to achieve the same results. It will be interesting to see where these experiments go, because they will help expand electric mobility substantially in areas where solar or wind energy may not be easy to tap. Watch this space!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Great Product If Your Home Has a Solar Roof

Popular Mechanics calls this a "generator," though it is a very advanced rechargeable battery pack, and does not generate electricity, itself. That, though, does not alter the fact that a home with a solar roof could charge this pack quite efficiently, especially in the US sun belt, or in countries that enjoy exposure to sunlight for much of the year. The initial price of this pack is high. But then, once you buy it, if your home does have a solar roof, you will not have to spend any money for the life of the pack. Ditto for states like Texas that have highly efficient wind power systems, and where utilities offer free electricity at night. Plug it in when you have free electricity, and use it when the billing cycle starts . . .

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Congratulations, Philippines!

Congratulations, Philippines! The largest commercial solar rooftop array in the world, deserves kudos!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

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