Friday, July 31, 2015

Courtesy Business Insider: Canadian Foot Powered Washing Machine

Business Insider has a lovely feature on a canadian company's design for a foot powered washing machine. This lovely little invention could be used to save electricity, and it should also help keep fit if you have multiple loads of clothes to wash. The Yirego website has ordering information, as well as a video. These guys are remarkably inventive and deserve kudos. Do check them out.

Monday, March 2, 2015

New Solar Desalination Tech for Drinking Water in Desert Regions

Desert countries especially in the Middle East, have major problems supplying drinking water to both their own subjects, and to foreign workers. The past trend has been to use combined cycle gas or crude derived fuel in a power generation and desal plant. This new technology described by the Inhabitat blog, offers a much cleaner, much more environmentally friendly alternative. I am not sure of the costs involved, but, with solar power becoming cheaper by the day, and with the deserts being a venue for abundant sunlight for as many as 12 hours a day, the Solar Cucumber technology should have very interesting potential.