Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Very Interesting way of Powering Cellphone Towers

Ecogeek is one blog that I follow and enjoy. It does not try to foist the political attitude (left wing and extremist, of course) that bigger blogs like Treehugger try to put out as propaganda these days. And this is a good post that has implications for every country that has a cellphone network: http://ecogeek.org/wind-power/2995 Using Vertical Axis Wind Turbines to power cellphone towers is an innovative idea - the towers are at the location where they need to be, they are compact, and they save on energy generated at a distant location, probably using fossil fuel.

India and Pakistan are both investing large amounts of money in upgrading their respective cellphone structures. I hope that both countries will look at this technology. I have written about Helix Wind and their turbines on this blog before and their website is: http://www.helixwind.com/en/ The original CNET post that Ecogeek links to is at: http://news.cnet.com/8301-11128_3-10395216-54.html?tag=mncol;title

Friday, November 20, 2009

Oxford Analytica on Chinese Push into renewable Energy

When some of the best business analysts in the world - from Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews and more form a consultancy, they would be expected to do a superb job of evaluating whatever they look at. And this analysis of the Chinese http://www.forbes.com/2009/11/16/china-beijing-renewable-energy-business-oxford-analytica.html?partner=daily_newsletter thrust into Renewable Energy is honest in what it speaks about in a way that is certain to be ignored - the Chinese have understood that RE is cheaper than fossil based energy and not just cleaner.

This deserves to be seen in India and other countries which are largely dependant on coal and which have to industrialize like China does. The implications and lessons are huge - apart from the idiotic Times of India and from halfwitted clowns who send me nonsense from it, there is increasing evidence from those with the money to invest in new sources of energy which are the cheapest ones to focus upon.

This would be a lesson that is well learned, whoever learns from it.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Stay Away For Long enough and Some Idiot Comes up with BS

I usually approve all comments sent here and respond to them when I find someone disagreeing with a point made. However, today, I approved a comment from a joker who had responded to an early post that I cannot be bothered to go and look for. The moron quotes the Times of India, a newspaper which, like most of the Indian media, ddoes not know its behind from its face as far as the latest in Renewable Energy is concerned. And, neither does this troll have anything concrete or knowledgeable to offer other than his pathetic quote from the ToI.

Well, I do enjoy a laugh, and the ebst come when jokers come up with comments on issues that they know nothing about.

Keep trolling, moron! Humor will help me live longer and happier!