Friday, November 20, 2009

Oxford Analytica on Chinese Push into renewable Energy

When some of the best business analysts in the world - from Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews and more form a consultancy, they would be expected to do a superb job of evaluating whatever they look at. And this analysis of the Chinese thrust into Renewable Energy is honest in what it speaks about in a way that is certain to be ignored - the Chinese have understood that RE is cheaper than fossil based energy and not just cleaner.

This deserves to be seen in India and other countries which are largely dependant on coal and which have to industrialize like China does. The implications and lessons are huge - apart from the idiotic Times of India and from halfwitted clowns who send me nonsense from it, there is increasing evidence from those with the money to invest in new sources of energy which are the cheapest ones to focus upon.

This would be a lesson that is well learned, whoever learns from it.

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