Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Barack Obama Rejects 98% of Scientists' Clean Energy Research Proposals

I'll say this for Treehugger - after offering John Kerry's ridiculous defense of the Cap and Trade fraud yesterday, they have been objective in showing where the Obama Idol has feet of clay: One would think that an administration that promised a lot would stop trying to sell fraud schemes like Cap and Trade that would only enrich select members of the Democratic Party and focus on supporting scientists and encourage genuine research.

Surprise, surprise! Barack Obama is no messiah or savior! He is just another lying politician who says something in order to get votes and then conveniently forgets his promises. Here is a lesson for everyone who looks at expecting a state or a particular politician to do something of value - don't be foolish!


Robert said...

From your Treehugger link - one of the comments...

"The Obama money is a stimulus program, not an energy research program. If a quick economic stimulus is your aim, research isn't going to give you much bang for your buck."

2% of 3,500 proposals is 70 pieces of funded research.

That is not minor (saying that as someone who's done their share of research funding work).

There are multiple very large budgets for research. To fault Obama for not spending more of the stimulus money on research just doesn't make sense. That money needs to go places that will get the economy up and running again.

I'd say you and Treehugger have done a hack job of analysis on this issue.

Mehul Kamdar said...

I love it when anonymous hacks and fanboys for a pop political stud du jour come in and post generalities without any specific information other than tall claims - to wit: " . . . as someone who's done their share of research funding work." Yeah, and I'm the King of Saudi Arabia . . .

Yes, this comment, posted for the joke that it is, gets the importance that any anonymous comment rightfully deserves. Welcome to some humor on an otherwise serious blog and thanks to "Robert" for unintentionally providing it. I know Obama is a religion to many - Louis Farrakhan even called him "The Messiah." That said, I have to say that "Robert's" religion, to paraphrase H. L. Mencken, is my belly-laugh.