Friday, August 7, 2009

Another Beautiful LEED Platinum Certified Home

While there are some experts who believe that the LEED standards do not go far enough, they are a good beginning towards persuading builders to get the maximum efficiency out of new constructions and this home on Inhabitat is a lovely example of something that could easily be replicated across South Asia: Somehow, with the attention on new Indian billionaires and their huge Indian MacMansions being talked about even over here in the West, I wonder if someone could sell these people the idea of building aesthetically designed, energy-efficient homes? Somehow India's architectural community seems less than interested in this idea for reasons that only it knows. I do wish that India would look more at these homes - I am a big believer in the aspirational value of fancy, efficient homes and I do think that more such homes, if built and occupied by celebrities, could help in showing fossil fuels the fist.

The website of Arbor South, the Oregon firm that designed this particular house, is: Three cheers for them!

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