Monday, August 31, 2009

Eco Friendly Luxury Property in the UK

This blog has always been a supporter of environmentally friendly homes - mega mansions too - as it believes that these have an aspirational value that could make a difference to smaller homes by imitation. If people imitate business tycoons and folm personalities' looks, they are also likely to imitate their living quarters to whatever extent they can afford to. This is a simple concept that sells clothes and shoes, perfumes and cars and it could also sell energy efficient homes.

Cut to this incredibly beautiful project in the UK on a farm as described in detail in architect's detailed description of a huge home that uses less energy drawn from the grid than a two room apartment ought to set off celebrity architects and designers to compete for similarly efficient structures elsewhere in the world. Hopefully, this is exactly what will happen. In the meantime, will an Indian billionaire (or at least a multi-millionaire) please buy this property as it is on sale? Or a wealthy PAkistani businessman? Or someone else from the region . . . My hat will be off to you if you do, as you would be setting a most magnificent example for the region and for the world.

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