Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bootlickery and Lies on a Big Green Blog - More Nonsense from Treehugger

When Treehugger, easily among the biggest "green" blogs on the net (and the quotes are here for a very specific reason) begins to slide towards drum-beating for pathetic personality cults, it is something to think seriously about. In the first place, this attitude gives those who are serious about the environment, Green Energy etc a bad name because we get tarred by association. In the second place, you begin to wonder what a blog that is run by a media outfit has to gain from its non-stop pamphleteering for politicians of a certain party instead of focusing on problems concerning the environment and on possible solutions. Take this post into consideration: supposed "tribute" to a "Progressive Green Champion" finds its way onto this blog, with the gushing praise ignoring the late Senator's singlehanded opposition to an offshore wind energy plant off his beach home as he didn;t want to look at windmills in the distance while he had his evening coffee on the sands. Presumably, acid rain and filthy air for the rest of the world were not an issue to this great new Treehugger idol as long as his view wasn't affected.

Nice, I guess, after Treehugger tom-toms John Kerry as a great green intellectual, beats the drum for a completely fraudulent policy of cap and trade which would only put money into its hero, Al Gore's bank account, and gets a failed pollster like John Zogby to endorse its propaganda. With friends like Treehugger in the "green" blogs of the world, which really committed environmental activist or renewable energy proponent really needs enemies?

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