Friday, August 7, 2009

Positive Change of Heart at "The Hindu"

While I have often been critical of "The Hindu" in the past on the issue of Renewable Energy, especially on this blog, today's editorial in that grand old newspaper is a very positive one: While this piece speaks about the need to focus on Solar Energy in India due to India's contribution to climate change out of an increasing dependence on fossil fuels, I can only hope that the tremendous clout that this newspaper enjoys among the powers that be in India, and particularly in the South, listen to this opinion. There is one point that I would like to stress, though, because "The Hindu" does not - Renewable Energy can be a viable method of power generation considering how fast the technology is advancing these days. And, in a country like India which spends something like half the money that it earns on imprting coal and crude oil, any savings from using the abundant energy of the sun would make the country that much richer.

Thank you, Hindu. I hope this change of heart is a positive one and that you continue to fight the good fight now that you have joined it as enthusiastically as you have!

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