Monday, August 17, 2009

The French Plant Their Collective Fist in Fossil Fuels' Solar Plexus

The Wall Street Journal did a very good thing several times while the Cap and Trade fraud was being touted by vested interests, in telling US politicians that if they had any courage, they would bring in a carbon tax, instead of coming up with a crappy proposal like Cap and Trade that was only going to make a few entrenched political bandicoots rich. Now a nation that has virtually no fossil fuel reserves of its own, has taken a powerful step in this direction - the French plan to impose a progressively increasing carbon tax on their country. Surprisingly, this has the support of a vast majority of Frenchmen and women: (Received Vide Autoblog Green).

The French are already working in a big way to fund alternative energy research and elecxtric transport. They also have a huge nuclear industry with the world's safest record of operation. I think this new carbon tax will prompt their engineers to take up the challenge of working in the area of clean energy and bring in some very interesting products and ideas in the future. This will be a pleasure to watch, considering this blog's raison d'etre.

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