Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why Electric Cars Can Do a Lot More Than Just Provide Clean Transportation

As friends who visit here know, I have been participating occasionally on the Pickens Plan group. One discussion that I started a long time ago has been particularly enlightening because of the fantastic amounts of information that experienced members there have come forward to post:

Just imagine - electric vehicles could be charged during off-peak hours on a wind powered grid and electricity that would otherwise have gone unused would be stored to do useful work later. Simple but very intelligent thinking by the poster on the thread. I love the Renewable Energy community for this simple reason - people with good ideas come forward to participate in intelligent discussions with an open-ness that is sometimes lacking in other fora.

If you;re not a member of the Pickens Plan, do sign up and check them out. They are doing some excellent work getting the word out about this very important area of activity in the USA.

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