Friday, March 13, 2009

Video Reviews of Electric Trucks on Autoblog Green

Again a very interesting concept that should be dynamite on Indian roads - if the country could generate electricity without 8 hours of power cuts a day, that is. Autoblog Green has this series of expert video comments and a review in progress of Smith Truck's Newton, a new electric truck design that is being tested right here in Chicago. I shall keep an eye open for these trucks and all I can say is that Tata, Ashok Leyland or one of the van manufacturers in India needs to seriously look at making one of these.

Check out the Autoblog Green link at:

Smith Electric Vehicles have a website that is equally interesting at:


StanWellaway said...

Mehul, a couple of points if I may.

(a) The Smith Newton isn't a new vehicle on trial. It's been in production in the UK for nearly 3 years. Check out the Case Studies page at Smith's UK website for examples

(b) The base vehicle is made in the Czech republic by Avia, a company owned by Ashok Leyland. see this page on the Avia Trucks website

Mehul Kamdar said...

Thanks, Stan, for the correction.

Since you have a tried and proven vehicle with a base vehicle made by Ashok Leyland, it is my hope - as this blog's author - that you introduce it into India as soon as possible! As someone who was born in Madras a very long time ago and who left after that city became a public gas chamber of sorts, I can only wish you luck.

I hope that you do really well over there and that the Smith Newton (or whatever variation you decide to sell there) becomes a roaring success. I guess you guys know about this but the Exim Bank has a $ 5.5 billion fund for the export of green tech to India for this year. I really can't think of a better candidate than your truck as a recipient for this funding if you do decide to export to the country where I was born.

Thank you very much for responding and for the information that corrects a faux pas in my post with extremely positive information indeed!