Thursday, March 5, 2009

India in Positive Focus Again - Nobel Winner Thomas Friedman in The New York Times

I enjoy reading Thomas Friedman's column in The New York Times even though I do not always agree with his views but then who am I? A mere small time blogger. He is a Nobel winner and I have to respect the man to the utmost for that! So what can I do when he writes a very affectionate column about a visit to India but applaud? Check it out at: These can only be the views of a man who is a friend of India and who is positively impressed by my country of birth. And when he talks about the India Youth Climate Network with praise, their website needs to be visited as well: Congratulations, guys! Superb show!

Thank you, Dr Friedman! And all the very best IYCN! Good show, India!


Mohanakrishnan B said...

Hello Mehul
I get to read Thomas Friedman`s articles in the Deccan Chronicle as soon as they are published in the New York Times. DC has a tie up with NYT. The articles of some luminaries like Gail Collins etc also appear in the DC. Each one of them is an expert in his or her field and make interesting reading compared to the BS served up by our desi versions. I pay special attention to what these worthies have to say about Obama`s rescue mission. What I understand is that he is drifting. His team is not able to come up with a workable plan relevant to the situation. They then go back, tweak it a bit and try to sneak it through when no one is looking. Maybe I have it all wrong. Sorry to mention depressing things when discussing an article that should warm every Indian heart. Way to go Dr.Friedman! Way to go Mehul!

Mehul Kamdar said...

Hello Mohan,

Yes, I did notice yesterday that the Deccan Chronicle had a Friedman column. Friedman is an old friend of India and I think this is a coup for DC - they are doing a much better job than the two old dinosaurs that have served Chennai for over a century - The Hindu and the Indian Express.

I am not particularly fond of The New York Times' politics but they have been very fairly critical of Obama and all of his mistakes. You are being too soft on Obama when you think that he is drifting - I personally think that he is a hypocrite in the mould of any politician anywhere. Every time he opens his mouth, the DOw falls for that precise reason. No one really trusts him, not even the Wall Street professionals who bankrolled his election campaign. Sad, because he got elected with so much promise. But that is politics, I guess . . .