Friday, March 27, 2009

After a Controversial Initial Model, Tesla Motors Launches an Electric Family Saloon Car

For a company that has sold less cars than the average car dealership anywhere in the world sells in a month, Tesla Motors has received an enormous amount of attention for its initial roadster offering. Widely praised for its acceleration and occasionally criticized for its price and the very short range that the car is capable of, battery technology not quite being what it needs to be to make it more capable, the company just unveiled a four door family car which costs less than the roadster and offers a better range, if they manage tog et the money to build the thing: Autoblog Green, of course, is the site that I would choose to get news about something like this.

The car looks beautiful to my eyes and I do hope that they manage to build it. Not sure where the company will put it together, though - the roadster is basically a battery-powered Lotus Elise assembled to spec in the UK. Let's hope for the best - cars like these deserve to succeed if fossil fuels are to be shown the fist. Tesla Motors' website is:

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