Monday, March 16, 2009

Indian Scientists: Solar Water Heaters Provide a Payback in 2 Years and a Lifespan of 20

I do wish that politicians and bureaucrats across India would listen to Indian scientists who have carefully evaluated various solar powered systems and come to the conclusion that solar water heaters provide the most efficient use of Solar Energy as this post at Cleantech says: I have had positive feedback from another blogger earlier telling me that states other than Karnataka have some incentives of their own in addition to Central Government incentives and that some municipalities have these as well. I hope that this additional piece of positive pro-solar heater news filters across the country and helps whichever party or coalition that gets elected in May make its mind up about the direction that the country needs to take vis a vis solar water heaters.

I remember how "Geysers" became a status symbol some time in the early 1970s in India along with the first refrigerators and television sets that came into the country when I was a boy. Through the 80s these became a middle class possession and now huge numbers of people in India use them. If the amount of electricity that could be saved by switching from electric geysers to solar water heaters could be calculated for a country of over a billion people, it would, certainly, be something to blow peoples' minds. All of this would be less coal burned, for the major part. Now that can't be a bad thing, can it?

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Mohanakrishnan B said...

There are positive reports of people going in for solar powered lamps and heaters in India.Awareness of alternative energy is increasing and people are willing to buy these products.As it is still expensive the majority would like these products to be subsidised or at least loans to be available from banks.