Friday, March 20, 2009

British Wind Power Company Works on Advanced Electric Car

I like this post on Autoblog Green a lot because it features a very interesting (and frank) video interview with Dale Vince, the founder of Ecotricity and his plan to build an electric sports car that would outperform a Lotus:

What struck me were VInce's explanations about why he decided to get into the wind power business - the exact, same reasons apply to India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc as well. Yes, I know that Pakistan and Bangladesh have extensive natural gas reserves but I would, much rather that these countries use these reserves for more than just powering their vehicles considering that both countries have abundant wind and sunlight as well . . .

In any case, the Vince interview is very interesting. He is working on a name for his car - anyone with ideas might want to post on the thread. Also, do check his website out. The man is an inspiration to anyone who likes cars and motorcycles and wants to pursue his / her enjoyment without using fossil fuels. Now, what do I have to do to make the money to buy an electric sportscar, ha, ha!

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