Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Very Efficient if Expensive Home Building Technology

Ecogeek has this description of a new building technology that has been developed to make 1500 sq foot "castles" in the USA:
While this is a very small home by American standards, it would be an excellent size for a country like India where homes this small are really the norm. However, there are cheaper technologies than insulated concrete forms and I have written about them here including the Thermasave System. Both have their advantages though - one for those who can afford to spend money on a premium home and the other for people with a smaller budget who still would like a strong and energy saving home. As a comparison, you can have either a fuel efficient large car or a tiny one - some of GM's big hybrids are as fuel efficient as Minis these days if you know what I mean.

Green Castle's website is:

And of course, Thermasave's is

Wouldn't it be great if both could be offered in South Asia? Thermasave have built homes in Afghanistan on a UN project. It would be nice to have both companies compete in the region.

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