Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One Very Interesting Electric Car

Autoblog Green has this interview with Cyril Lacroix of Heuliez, the designers of the nicely named "Friendly" electric car at: for all my friends who understand French. The commentary in English is equally detailed. Basically, this car is simply a highway speed capable electric vehicle which can run 100 Kn om a full charge, or, with the optional extra battery pack, run 250 Km on a single charge. Unlike the much more expensive offerings from companies like Tesla in the USA or Lightning in the UK, this is a bread and butter car which Heuliez offer at Euro 10,000 or the equivalent of US $ 14,000. And in the USA, if this is ever offered here, you would see tax incentives which make it even cheaper.

And, Heuliez are no newcomers to the car business. They have been coachbuilders with a record for good work dating back many decades. I do think that this would make a great second car if it were available here - the price is considerably lower than even that of the Think car and this thing seats four. Believe me, if it were available here, I would certainly buy one. So, if it were offered elsewhere, would many more people, not only to save money by using cheap electricity, but also, from my discussions with many people these days, to show fpssil fuel the dist.

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