Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Now Some Very Good News from India

Regular visitors to my blog are accustomed, I think, to my often strong criticism of India - I find it shameful that my country, which produces some of the best engineers and doctors in the world, also produces the world's most miserable politicians and bureaucrats. Unfortunately, in a country that was long socialist (and still is, if the constitution is to be believed, though, of course, a lot of the constitution has been diluted and trashed by the politicians) you cannot get away from the government's involvement as far as large projects especially in the energy sector are concerned.

So it is with great happiness that I present this news to you: Bharat Petroleum, one of India's large petroleum companies, the Shapurji Pallonji group (who own a huge chunk of Tata, ACC etc) and some more partners are due to build several large refineries to make biodiesel from jatropha as a source in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. The link to this news is at: http://www.greenteker.com/story/3/02/2009/bharat-petroleum-invest-2000-crores-bio-diesel

As you know, this is news that I will be monitoring. Yes, biodiesel is not clean in the sense that it still puts carbon into the air. But trucks, trains and diesel cars do need to run. I think that this is a good intermediate fix for India. And, it keeps money in India instead of sending it to the Gulf.

Congratulations, BP, Shapurji group and everyone involved in this project!

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