Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stupidity Is A Way of Life With Politicians and Bureaucrats in India

Today's Deccan Chronicle has this piece of In Rs 78,000 Crore lying unutilized in the country because the politicians and bureaucrats have been doing the one thing that they invariably do - nothing Considering that the country is desperately poor and that it always needs money to spruce its miserable infrastructure up, to focus on more efficient utilization of energy and so on, this is criminal to say the least. And then, there is tall talk like this piece in The Hindu suggests - that Nagpur would become the country's first "solar city" and the article proudly highlights the fact that In Rs 9.5 Crore had been offered to as many as 60 other cities to go solar.

There are always times you become cynical about something not because you just happen to be in a bad mood, but because there is nothing but BS in something that you're looking at. India, I am sorry to say, always wallows in BS - both literally and figuratively.

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