Friday, February 27, 2009

French Farmer Shows the Way Ahead to Indian Entrepreneurs in States like Haryana

Another very interesting piece from Green Daily which has inspirational value for someone intending to take up Green Energy projects in India:

The state of Haryana has been pioneering the use of renewable energy by offering excellent tariffs for anyone willing to generate green energy and supply it on a feed in basis. While some entrepreneurs have made an entry into the business from what I know, there is tremendous potential for many more to come forward and enter this business. The example of the French farmer as highlighted by Green Daily shows how solar energy - abundantly available everywhere in India - could be harnessed and supplied to the government. There are many pountry farms in Haryana, no doubt, which could do the same that this farmer is doing. And there are also many industries with large buildings whose roofs could be covered with solar panels. Somehow, I am more positive that something will happen here than in the case of other projects that I have been suggesting.

For those interested, the Haryana Renewable Energy Authority's website is:

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