Sunday, February 1, 2009

And Now, An Important Reason why we need to Show Fossil Fuels the Fist

A very interesting post with a video link in The New York Times' Dot Earth Blog talks about the dangers of the Greenhouse Effect and the Bathtub Effect: A separate entry on the newspaper's environment page talks about rising levels of acidity in the oceans:

These are unfortunate consequences of the world's reliance on coal, oil and gas. While these effects are slow in occurring and they cause harm equally slowly, the harm is likely to be felt for generations in the future. More immediately, this gives money to some of the world's worst tyrants to do what they please including finance madcap obscurantists like some of the thugs who have been responsible for killing thousands of people in South Asia. There are more reasons to avoid fossil fuels than could be put into an encyclopedia. I do hope that these dangers become better understood by the world as it works to wean itself from this dangerous addiction.

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