Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some of the Best Resources on Solar and Wind Energy

I guess I have been more than a little late in posting the URLs of the websites that got me interested in Solar and Wind Energy. To be honest, I found these by doing something as simple as a Google search for a class paper in one of the courses that I had signed up for. The material was so utterly fascinating that I just became hooked and this blog came a few weeks after that particular course ended. The first is the website of the American Solar Energy Society: They have a particularly nice magazine Solar Today whose highlights you can read at:

As far as Wind Energy was concerned, there was the website of the American Wind Energy Association: While this is not as well designed a website as the ASES one, it also has an amazing amount of information on wind energy which is a lovely way to begin learning about this subject in case someone is interested. But then, you wouldn't visit here if you weren't interested in these subjects, would you? The FAQs and links on both websites are also extremely interesting and worth checking out when you have time.

Happy reading!