Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Small Wind Turbines Cut Electricity Consumption on NYC Apartment Building in Half - Will India Follow This Example?

Treehugger has this VERY interesting piece about ten small wind turbines cutting the power consumption in a five storey New York apartment building in half: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/01/small-scale-wind-turbines-cut-apartment-building-electricity-bill-in-half.php Now New York homes, like homes across the USA, use considerably more energy than homes in India do. Without any specifics in hand, I would venture that a similar exercise could make an Indian apartment building vastly more energy self-sufficient than a home in New York, for example.

NDTV had this piece some time ago about Chennai, my former hometown in India, turning into a "world class city" with plans to build ever higher buildings: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=hdGu0C6ghFs With the horrendous power shortages that the city faces at the moment and the very pleasant phenomenon that old Madrasis (yes, I prefer the old name Madras to Chennai anyday) can't stop talking about, the lovely sea breeze that defines what is best about this old city, I wonder how difficult it would be for the city authorities to write this into their code and make wind turbines and solar roofs mandatory? The terrible pollution that the city suffers would also be reduced if this were properly done. Now, how do I get this message across to the government, ha, ha!


Mohanakrishnan B said...

Wind towers and solar panels will take some time.We are still enforcing the resolution to implement rain water harvesting in all multi-storied buildings.Do you have any ideas on that?

Mehul Kamdar said...

None of these things need to take time - the only reason why they take time is established, government stupidity. All are solutions that can be "clipped on" to the existing infrastructure.

Incidentally, my last home in VAdapalani had a superb RWH system and we were the only apartment block in miles that never had a single day's water supply issue during the 3 years that we lived there.