Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cape Cod Offshore Wind Plant Gets Key Approval - Ted Kennedy Looks Like an Idiot

A long planned wind energy project off Cape Cod which was blocked by one of the Senate's oldest bandicoots, Ted Kennedy, found itself get key approval from a Federal agency which completley debunked the nonsensical arguments that the Senator had been putting forward, mainly that it was a threat to the environment and wildlife:

So what do the opponents of the project prefer? A nuclear powerplant in their backyard? A coal-fired one? Somehow, there are Luddites and sundry clowns who oppose anything and everything that they are unfamiliar with at the drop of a hat. And when one of those who does this is a powerful politician like Sen Kennedy, a project that could have been up and working eight years ago, has to go through unneccessary hoops before it finally gets approved. The senator needs to applaud the investigation and the project itself now that a major agency has cleared it on environmental grounds, if he has any sense of fair-play. And then, he needs to retire. Senility and power should not go together especially in trying times like those that we live in.

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