Thursday, January 1, 2009

As China Plans the World's Biggest Solar Project, Indians Stand and Gape

EcoGeek has this piece about the Chinese planning a 1 GW Solar Photovoltaic project combining thin film and silicon cells: This is, by far, the biggest project of its kind in the world and twice the size of the next sized one planned for San Luis Obispo in California. And what is India doing? Check the IL&FS website and the Delhi Dunderheads are out tendering for an extension to the Neyveli Coal Fired Powerplant. You might think that Tamil Nadu does not receive any sunlight at all and that it is possibly something like the dark side of the moon if you give the Indian establishment any credit for common sense. The problem is that the imbeciles do not have the slightest clue of what to do to wean themselves from the vampire-like hold that the Middle East and the world's coal producers like Indonesia, Australia and China have on them. It is almost as if the Indian establishment would rather see itself bleed to death and voluntarily at the hands of those who supply it fossil fuels to satisfy the nation's addiction to them. It is also as if the smell that defines Indian cities these days - the smell of rotting sewerage and untreated vehicle exhausts - is as addictive to the Indian planners as the smell of a drug is to an addict who smokes it.

Once again, the Indians are certain to be left looking like jokers while the Chinese power ahead. The tragedy is that this is going to happen even as India has the world's finest engineers, people more than capable of doing what the Chinese are doing - and then some.


Mohanakrishnan B said...

The Chinese are not capable of thinking beyond state run enterprises.They are amazed by the entrepreneurial spirit of Indians and the fact that Indian businesses have achieved so much inspite of being handicapped by the bureacracy.They fear the day when India will get its act together,which at this point of time is wishful thinking.India will not start such projects at home (though they may build all this for others)simply because there will be vested interests pulling in different directions.The only way a similar project could take off here is if the Government sets up a PSU.Then over time private players too would probably be allowed.

Mehul Kamdar said...


Not true. There are several reasonable Chinese private sector businesses both on the mainland as well as in territories like Taiwan and Hongkong. In reality India has a stupid chest-thumping attitude which is the biggest mistake that Indians make. The biggest Indian companies that are not government owned (and there is some debate about "ownership" when the bulk of shares in most Indian companies are owned by the government owned investment bodies anyway) all made their money and came to be what theyw ere during the license-permit Raj. Even today they are woefully incapable of doing anything outside India without technical support from a western source. This includes the software companies which are derided as "code-coolies" for the piddling work that they do.

The Chinese are streets ahead whether India likes it or not.