Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bad News on Small Wind Turbines

Treehugger has this very interesting post which talks about British research that indicates that while small sized wind turbines may have applications in some cases, overall, their efficiency is not always as good as that of large ones: Again, it does becomes important to consider the environmental conditions at the location where a particular type of system of generation is used - in SOuth Asia it would be solar photovoltaics and solar thermal generators. In Vancouver as a comment on the Treehugger page says, it would be a micro hydro-turbine. Just more evidence, if you ask me, that experimentation is required across the board as far as all types of renewable energy are concerned in order to get the best results.

To use a fossil-fuel parallel, if people need to look at front, rear and four wheel drive cars and these in different body styles for different purposes, then why on earth shouldn;t they also look at developing different devices for specifically extracting clean power from different natural phenomena?

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