Monday, January 12, 2009

Amid Continuing Bad Economic News, Some Promising New Ideas

Treehugger's piece on a Yale University viewpoint on how the USA could become the world's leading renewable Energy Power is a very interesting one: Somehow, it does seem as if there is light at the end of the tunnel that this country (and much of the rest of the world that depends upon it) is in - now, if only those who see the light run towards it instead of away from it . . . But the signs are encouraging. The Detroit Auto Show has shown an immense interest in future electric and hybrid cars with a range of concepts that are certain to lend their technology to future cars that you and I would drive. Just go over to and check these out. There is also good news on high speed new trains from treehugger: With the nuisance of going through two or three hour pre flight routines of driving to faraway airports, going through time consuming security checks etc becoming more and more a way of life as far as flying is concerned, this is a welcome and efficient alternative. Fortunately, states in the USA are doing their job too as far as rail travel is concerned. California has some major train investments planned connecting tis cities. New Mexico has trains connecting Santa Fe and other cities with Albuquerque. The State of Ill-Annoy, though, has cut back on train services between Windbag City Chicago and the suburbs and is certain to make bigger messes while going by the old socialist dictum of taking one step forward and twenty two backwards, all the while applauding . . .

Let's hope that pressure groups and engineering departments at universities and in companies hold the government's feet to the fire. If the USA moves in a clean-energy direction as the first Treehugger link suggests, much of the rest of the world will follow. That can only be a good thing. Yes, there is promising news, but, the most difficult thing about promises, especially the best ones, lies in keeping them. Let's hope that none of these get broken.

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