Friday, January 9, 2009

An Indian Manufacturer Brings Out Electric Scooters

A friend who does not want to be identified sent me this link to an Indian manufacturer of electric scooters: The company is located in the technology capital of Bengaluru (better known as Bangalore) and offers its scooters in a few states of the country. I did think that their location in Bengaluru was wholly appropriate because that once beautiful city has become one of the most horrendously polluted places in India. I have watched this deterioration over four decades and never failed to be horrified at this deliberate and gradual destruction of a once amazingly beautiful city.

Bengaluru's pollution comes from its unusually high number of two wheelers - one of the highest per capita two wheeler populations in the country, and most of them older vehicles with two stroke engines. If this new product is good and if the scooters sell well, they would reduce the pollution considerably. I can see two problems, though - Bengaluru's perennial power supply problem and the less than glamorous image of scooters in India compared to motorcycles. Unfortunately, the new image of environment-friendly products being glamorous as in the west has not reached India yet. That said, on a more positive note, Western trends usually reach India quickly. I hope that this takes off. If Eko Vehicles make good products, they deserve to succeed and wildly at that.

Best wishes to them!

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