Thursday, January 22, 2009

In Praise of Pullela Gopichand

Some years ago in an incident that came to be forgotten by the media and the public at large, Indian Badminton champion Pullela Gopichand refused a contract worth millions of dollars to endorse Pepsi Cola and advised his fans to drink fresh fruit juice instead. I can understand the Indian media forgetting about this - it was convenient for them. They do make a lot of money, after all, from seling ad-space to the soft drink manufacturers. Outlook, one of India's most commercial magazines, even came out with an issue disputing the research that suggested pesticide content in colas being sold in the country piggybacking on a supposed British Laboratory where it got some bottles of soft drink analyzed.

But it is not just pesticides that are the issue - the process of manufacturing these drinks puts a lot of carbon in the air. That, of course, is the filth that this blog is dedicated to opposing. And this article from the New York Times suggests where this information is now being reluctantly offered by Pepsi to consumers who may want to know exactly how much they have harmed the environment in drinking their stuff:

The best part of this not-so-funny-joke is that Pepsi are most reluctant to post information about their packaged Tropicana (TM) orange juice. One more reqason to buy oranges and make the juice at home yourself? You bet!

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