Sunday, September 20, 2009

A US Supplier of Solar Powered Street Lighting Etc

Some of my friends know that I tried to market Tata BP Solar's solar powered street lighting in the Middle East some time ago through my old company, before I sold it to focus on university work. Now there is a US competitor whose products look quite attractive: Greenshine As the Tatas are busy shipping the bulk of their production and they face some shortage in meeting demand, I would think that there is excellent potential in marketing these lights in all of South Asia and the Middle East if someone is interested - hint, hint, my former business contacts! I shall contact this company shortly and find out more but in the meantime, if someone wants to contact them directly, their website is a very good one and it has some excellent information that would help not only those who are already in this business, but also entrepreneurs who may be interested in getting into this business anew.

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