Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good News from India - New Reva Cars Look Like a Major Improvement

While Autoblog Green's post does seem designed in a tongue in cheek fashion to attract readers with talk of "remote charging" in the new Reva cars, there is a lot that is positive in the news that this post offers: New Reva Cars The old Revas managed to attract a dedicated following among anti fossil fuel people especially in Europe, but the fact is that the cars were badly engineered, unsafe and uncomfortable to drive. The new designs do look a lot better and should be safer as well. Hopefully, this means that a lot more of them will sell and that fossil fuel can be shown the fist for every one of these that sells! For the relatively short distances that people drive in India and for the mostly warm weather that is experienced across most of the country (electric and hybrid car performance falls in cold weather) these are a superb option for those who are environmentally concerned.


Mohanakrishnan B said...

I read about the new Reva in some major dailies also.It does look far better than the older version.It is supposed to give a range of 160km on a single battery charge.Now if they could only bring the cost down they would have a winner on their hands.When the Reva was first launched their idea was to price it between 1 and 1.25 lakhs.If they had stuck to that pricing there would have been more people using it.But all of a sudden it was 3+ lakhs and this at a time when a standard Maruti800 AC was selling for less than 2 lakhs.

Mehul Kamdar said...


I have no idea what petrol costs in India these days, but even at Rs 40 a liter, the Reva should more than pay for itself in well within a year.
Of course if petrol costs more, the Reva will pay for itself faster. Electric cars do cost more than any other type - whether this is here in the USA or anywhere else. The original Reva was not really a car - it was classified as a quadricycle. A big difference, if you follow . . .