Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Stupidity Associated With Windmill Regulations

Today's New York Times has a very nice piece about the kind of pig-headed stupidity that those who would like to use alternative energy in the USA have to face: Fortunately, these concerns are not something for South Asians to worry about. With India's long and magnificent coastline, I can see how a string of windmills across the country would make a huge difference in addressing the power situation. Sri Lanka could do the same across the island country's lovely coastline. And, if more power is needed, there is the option of offshore wind.

The third world nations of the world keep whining about competing with the West - this is, clearly, an opportunity. If they were to start harnessing the power of the wind in their countries, they would leapfrog ahead of the USA for example - while American technology is easily the most advanced in the world, this country's pathetic laws will keep it from competing even with third world powers in some areas in the future. Time to beat the Americans in installing windmills, I think!

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