Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Potentially New Way to Turn Plastics Into Fuel

I have been somewhat irregular blogging for the past week and a part of the reason was a scare as far as my health is concerned. Fortunately, it turned out to be fine and I can relax though I do have a backlog of work to complete. Of course, I need to relax in between, and this is best done, as I say in my self-introduction, by spending time with friends, with my dog, and going walking. To that list, I need to add blogging.

While there were several interesting bits of news that came out during this period, I don't want to go into everything as I have linked to all of the major blogs that I regularly visit here and it hardly makes sense to repeat what has been said elsewhere. But there is one post on The New York Times's Green Inc Blog which I must reproduce:

While India is working hard to block the use of plastics, the fact is that the use of plastics is neither going down, nor is the import of plastic raw material and plastic waste under control either. I suspect that the same is the case with virtually every other country in the world. Now, there is a technology whereby plastics can be converted into fuel that can be blended with gasoline or diesel and burned instead of being buried and left to cause damage to animals and to the soil at some point in the future. Yes, this is fossil fuel being burned, but the use of plastic means that less oil needs to be pumped out of the ground to the extent that plastics are recycled into fuel. The company that offers this technology, Envion, would be interested if someone from other parts contacted them. Anyone from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka interested? Their website is:

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