Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Turning Sewage into a Valuable Resource

There was a snippet in one of the newspapers about the toilets at a moffusil bus stand in Tamilnadu being used to power some of the cafeterias there, the unfortunate result being that people who would notmally eat at the cafeterias stopped doing this when they learned that the fuel came from their own shit. And while this silly experimentation continues, the capital of Tamilnadu, Chennai, discharges huge amounts of sewage every single day into the sea through the Cooum and the Adyar Rivers. Not only is the state government of Tamilnadu (and I am sure that the state governments of every other state in the country are no better) wasting a very valuable resource, it is also ruining the environment on its coast especially around two of the finest beaches in that part of the world.

I do think that it would be great for an Indiancompany to tie up with a Western one or for a Western company to go it alone and use this huge amount of power to generate electricity, fill the gas in cylinders and sell it or simply use the gas to run a fleet of cabs, delivery trucks or whatever in India. That is a country that ahs been hit extremely ahrd by fuel costs and this would be a fantastic way of using something that is already a filthy nuisance lying around damaging the environment in several ways to do something useful.

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