Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Clean Energy in the USA Runs into a Roadblock

A New York Times article today talks about a problem that faces the USA in its very positive move to generate power from renewable means:

While wind energy is being harnessed, the grid does not have the capacity to take this power to consumers. Texas seems the best state as its maverick oilman turned renewable energy enthusiast, TR Boone Pickens has testified, because the state has laws and policies supporting clean power. The rest of the USA needs to act NOW. Hopefully, this election year will see more effort by the American public who must be sick of the joke prices that they are forced to pay for oil press both major party candidates on this issue.

The positive thing about this is that both Sens Mc Cain and Obama have been listening.

Go, gentlemen! A 20% reduction in the use of fossil fuels and a significant reduction in oil imports would be fantastic. This would also mean more people hired here to set wind turbines up and to service and support the industry's clients. A good way to reduce some of the problems from the current weskness in the economy? I am no economist but that does seem right.

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