Saturday, August 2, 2008

T Boone Pickens puts His Money Where His Mouth Is - Now Will the Bozos Who have been Slamming Him Please Shut Up?

In a world of loudmouths and poseurs, it is refreshing to someone like me who has been turning into a cynic over the years, to see someone go out to do exactly what he has been advocating. Texas oil billionaire T Boone Pickens just landed a double punch in the solar plexus of skeptics both on the left and the right with a $ 2 billion investment in wind turbines: I have posted before about some of the arrant nonsense that has been spewed by vested interests and sundry cushion-warmers against this plan. I wish I had a Texas sized hat to raise to this gentleman for doing what he has insisted is the best plan for weaning the USA away from an addictive dependence on imported oil.

Granted this is a drop in the ocean of energy that the USA requires, it is a substantial beginning. The man has invested half of what he is worth into what he has been talking about. There is no shortage of those who pontificate about Alternative Energy and whine about oil, global warming etc. You can't praise a man who is doing something about it enough.

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