Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Beginnings of Electric Flight

A very interesting piece of news as far as renewable energy and transport are concerned is the development of electric powered flight. I found this website on Gizmodo today and it seems really interesting: Admittedly, these guys are currently modifying gliders to work with batteries and electric motors. But the posssibility of quiet and more fuel-efficient flight is a very attractive one. You can rest assured that this pioneering, nuts and bolts effort will come to be closely watched by the big names. Already, there is one more small aircraft manufacturer who have their own plans for an electric powered motor glider. Of course, experimental electric powered aircraft have existed since the 1970s. But the lack of focus on this technology was due to the plentiful availability of fossil fuels and also due to considerably less dangers from pollution back then. With today's challenges beginning to point ominously at an energy-challenged future, this is a new development that needs to be carefully watched.

Here's to looking for more news in this area!

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