Thursday, August 28, 2008

Congratulations, India! Two Large Solar Energy Powerplants to Come up in the Country

It was while going through the Treehugger Archives today that I came across two very interesting posts. One talks about a 250 MW Integrated Solar Power Facility coming up in the port city of Haldia, West Bengal:

The other talks about what would become (for a while at least) the world's biggest solar facility in Gujarat, supported by the Clinton Foundation:

I can think of many more places which could do with this kind of project - the desert areas of Rajasthan, the dry and ferociously hot area in Anantapur and Tadipatri in Andhra Pradesh, Chennai and North Arcot District in Tamilnadu etc. With substantial funding available for these projects from the US Exim Bank, there is no reason for this type of development not to take place in India. May the examples set by these two states be followed by others! I also hope that India's neighbors would follow these examples and come up with projects of their own.

Congratulations, again!

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