Sunday, July 6, 2008

Terribly Late but Hopefully with Some Good News

Well, my plans of posting here everyday have flopped as I guessed they would. There's just been too much work to do and a lot of other BS now that its another hot Chicago summer and miserable as ever in this headquarters of the mafia. But that's another story altogether...

I do have several new toys that the alternative energy geniuses have brewed up. One of the most interesting is the Anaconda Bulgewave system developed in the UK. It would be an incredible product to use in my former hometown of Chennai in India: The system could also be a very interesting one to use in Lake Michigan whose waters are as treacherous as Ill-Annoy politicians and especially the ruling Chicago mobsters are. But, unless someone hires a lawyer with a name like Daley or Obama, of course, this will never come to be in Sh1tc@go.

The development of rooftop and backyard wind turbines continues apace. One new company that a friend brought to my attention has a very advanced design that looks like an abstract sculpture of sorts: India's interior and exterior design crazies would not mind at all having something like this on their roofs. And, when they have this, there is another high tech device that they could consider; the Solatube This is the advanced version of glass lights in the roof that many of us who have traditional homes in India know about. The tubes collect sunlight during the day and dstribute them in the interior of a home thereby negating the need for daytime use of tube lights, bulbs or whatever else. They could also be used on multi storey buildings by placing the lights at atrategic positions and letting them carry light in to the upper floors of a building.

Considering the pace at which new buildings are being put up in India these days, it might make sense for Indians to look at utilizing these systems in the country. They have a lot to gain by avoiding depending on the State Electricity Boards to whatever extent possible. And speaking about houses, there is an incredible new building technology that I would like to talk about: Thermasave I have spoken to the Thermasave system's inventor Hoot Haddock and he is a very nice man who knows his product very well. The system is being used in Afghanistan - no one else in the world can build low cost homes with the ability to withstand earthquakes going up to 10 on the Richter scale - and it would be eminently useful in India and Pakistan considering the earthquake prone-ness of both countries. There are rival systems made in Austria and in Canada but nothing matches the simplicity and cost effectiveness of the Thermasave system. Yes, he is loking for an India distributor for this at the moment as well.

What would a Thermasave home with Solatube lghting and a Helixwind Turbine be like? Enough to give the Saudi Sheikhs a heart attack and a stroke if they become popular, I am sure.

For that, alone, this needs to succeed . . .

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