Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cogeneration - Something South Asia needs to look at

As I try and learn more about renewable energy, there is always something fascinating that comes up and which looks like yet another good idea that we could use in SOuth Asia, a fast developing and horribly polluted part of the world. Cogeneration, which I learned about, is an interesting idea that is now catching up in the West as well as In Japan. Basically, this is a matter of using the heat from generating electricity using any conventional means to do useful work. This use of the generated heat, makes regular engines more efficient because it puts the heat to uses like heating water, for example, instead of letting it out into the air through an exhaust. But let me post a link to a Scientific American page on the subject which would explain this better than I ever could:

There is, also, a very interesting page at the Rochester University website at: with information that even a non technical person like me can understand and with some invaluable links to other pages talking about this very interesting subject. The site also has a buyers' guide to the various types of cogeneration plants and accessories available worldwide at:

Interestingly, they list an Indian company Jain Rotodyne Pvt Ltd who are based in Delhi. M/s Jain Rotodyne have parked their domain but don't have their website up yet. Congratulations, guys! Have your website up and running soon. I am sure that there are many who would be interested in looking at it in detail. In addition are several companies who have branches in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and I wonder if any of them sell this equipment in South Asia. I also wonder if cogeneration systems could be built around conventional diesel gensets like those that are already manufactured in India? Hopefully, one or another of the engineers here would answer this question . . .

There is also a US Corporation now acquired by a Canadian company who run several power generation businesses in the USA and Canada. I shall look forward to visiting them when I visit Canada next. Their website is: and it would be superb if they could be brought to South Asia.

Let's see if I could keep up my newly reinvigorated pace on this blog. I'll try my best! In the meantime, anyone who has any idea / suggestion is most welcome to respond and get in touch.

Cheers and have a clean environment!

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