Saturday, July 12, 2008

More on Microgeneration

In an excellent blog in the Times, John-Paul Flintoff writes about homes that produce their own energy: There is a trend towards such homes in the West aided by subsudues for putting electricity back into the grid, but if such a policy were implemented in South Asia, it would have its own benefits. Even without putting power back into the national grid, this would ensure, if reliably done, that the homes in question have reliable power round the clock and free of most costs associated with buying power from your local utility once the cost of the equipment and installation is taken care of. Ind India, as far as I know, the goernment allows 100% depreciation on renewable energy systems in just 1 year, probably the best subsidy for this purpose anywhere in the world.

As fossil fuel prices rise (and they do not seem to be likely to come down anytime soon) an investment in freeing homes from local power grids is likely to be a very good investment in the long term. Sri Lanka has started offering 100% financing for renewable energy systems though I am not sure if this extends to home units like these or is meant for large projects that feed electricity into the grid. If someone is aware of similar projects in PAkistan or Bangladesh, please do let me know.

In the meantime, if this could work for you, do give it a shot. You will make your money back soon and also preserve the earth for the future. And, last but not the least, don;t go by the renewable Vs gasoline prices from the time when crude sold for $ 17 a barrel. Very soon, it will go up to 10 times that price. And those who have renewable energy systems powering their homes will go laughing to the bank.

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