Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A New Tech Promises to Manufacture Carbon Fiber Cheaply

Gizmag, one of my favorite websites posted this intriguing bit about a new company promising to build an ultra fuel efficient lightweight car using carbon fiber componentry and bodywork:
Under normal circumstances this would have been a very expensive proposition, but, apparently, the company, Axon Automotive, holds a patent on a low cost technology for manufacturing carbon fiber and one of their directors recently wrote an article for The New Scientist on this very subject. I hope this works. It would be a fantastic way of saving fuel, even if the cars that Axon plan to manufacture would run on the stinky stuff. Axon have their own website: Let's see what they can pull off. There are bound to be some successes and many more failures in the business of green transportation, but if one idea succeeds for every ten that fail, we shall be vastly better off than we are.

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