Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Absolutely the Cutest Moped in the World!

As many of my friends know, I have a soft corner for motorcycles and the past four years when I did not own a motorcycle for the first time since I was fifteen, have been depressing. But, all is not lost . . . In two weeks, I go for the motorcycle riders' program and I should have my license by the end of the month. After that, it is going to be an exercise in mental torture as I try to figure out what fuel efficient good weather transport I pick. This moped is going to be very high on the list of vehicles that I consider! With a fuel efficiency of more than 80 Km per litre, this should be a most fashionable way to get to the university and back through the summer. I do wish, though, that I were in Houston or Atlanta instead of Sh1tc@go! The shorter and warmer winters there would let me show a little bike like this off for longer periods every year!

Oh, well, here's hoping that I get my degree asap and leave this filthy place at the earliest!

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