Friday, July 25, 2008

Overpopulation A Bigger Problem Than Global Warming Says UNESCO

I came across this link on Green Daily: which gives the fist to the assertion made by the crooks who rule India that the country has a great future ahead because of its population. Unfortunately, India's problems are shared by Pakistan and Bangladesh - more than half of the people in these countries are below 26 years of age. With unemployment already a problem in all of these countries, where are new jobs going to be created especially in a shrinking global economy? With the USA doing as badly as it is, how are young people in South Asia going to get more call center jobs? There are also the pressures of housing so many people, providing healthcare, of providing food etc - all of these are bound to have an impact on the environment. And none of the governments of South Asia are prepared to address any of these problems.

If the population crisis is going to cause a major disaster worldwide, it is my inexpert contention that South Asia is where things would first begin to go wrong. The rest of the world needs to look at this part of the world very, very carefully.

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