Sunday, November 9, 2008

Riverside Communities in the UK Generate Small Hydro Power

An excellent article in The Telegraph talks about a small textile town which has creatively used an old textile mill to set up a small hydropower unit and power the town while selling electricity through the national grid. The initial, small investment by the townsfolk has drawn nice dividends and they plan on expanding the project further. The point here is that there are several similar paper and textile towns in Wisconsin, Southern Illinois and further Northeast in COnnecticut etc with very similar facilities. I wonder when some American businessmen would realise that there is an opportunity to make money over here? And, in India, some states like Kerala have several similar locations which could be used, though, of course, they would need to find some way to get the Communists on board. Those vermin would not want any progress, would they? They need a lousy state of affairs in order to justify their miserable existence.

Check out the link to the small hydropower project on The Telegraph's website at:

The Telegraph also has a nice Eco Homes Page at: There are several ideas here which could be used by anyone who is interested in this kind of thing.


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